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About Us

Krama Studio is dedicated to delivering premium quality products and services to an elite clientele.

Our promises are realised: minimal objects that are intricate in concept, simple to use and destined to be admired. Our design endeavours align functionality with unconventional thinking.

We combine a philosophy focused on refined aesthetics with elaborate techniques and flair in order to produce honest, straightforward results.

This collaborative venture is reflected in our name ‘krama’, meaning ‘alloy’, the beautiful term symbolising a mixture of atoms. Since 2014 the unique and mutually complimentary figures and ideas of Alexandre Xanthakis and Vasilis Filippaios have created Krama Studio.

Alexandre Xanthakis

Alexandre Xanthakis is a French-Greek designer, who studied industrial design in Paris. He is involved in a range of design areas including furniture, lighting, prospective architecture, electronics and mobile accessories. His designs have been showcased at numerous design exhibitions as well as at Paris Design Week and in Elle Decor magazine.

Vasilis Filippaios

Vasilis Filippaios, a manufacturer of Greek descent, draws from twenty years’ experience in tailor making metal constructions in order to create first class results.

He is renowned for being a pioneer in the field of laser cut staircases, applying the latest production methods to achieve clean-cut structures and efficient mounting.